Frequently Asked Questions

What is No More Voicemail?

With No More Voicemail you will never get an annoying voicemail again. Our simple free app sets up your phone so that if someone calls you and you don’t answer, they will just hear endless ringing. It's that easy.

Is my carrier supported?

No More Voicemail works on any mobile phone with the following major US carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. However, No More Voicemail WILL NOT WORK if you have a pre-paid plan with your carrier.

Note: MetroPCS users must make sure they have the Value Bundle enabled on their MetroPCS account. Visit or call 888-863-8768 to enable this feature on your account (fees may apply).

What if setup doesn't work?

General troubleshooting:

Test your activation by calling your number from a different phone. If you reach your voicemail you are not setup properly. Try again by carefully following the steps described in the app. Make sure you call the activation number exactly as it is shown including all special characters (# and/or *). If that does not work try the following:

Carrier-specific troubleshooting steps:
  • T-Mobile Users: Make sure your wifi is turned off, and that you have cell service and follow the activation steps again.
  • MetroPCS Users: Call MetroPCS at 888-863-8768 and ask the customer representative to enable the Value Bundle on your account (fees may apply). You can also do this yourself at
  • Verizon Users: Try calling both *906463439429 and *926463439429 instead of the *71 activation code shown to you in the app. Call these two numbers separately.

How do I disable No More Voicemail?

IMPORTANT: You must deactivate No More Voicemail to restore your voicemail. Deleting the app alone WILL NOT disable the service. To deactivate your service, enter and call the following number specific to YOUR carrier. Make sure all special characters (# and/or *) are included when you place the call:

  • AT&T - ##004#
  • Verizon - *73
    -- If this does not work try calling *900 then *920
  • T-Mobile - ##004#
  • Sprint - *730
  • U.S. Cellular - *920

When you place the call you will either see an on-screen success message, or hear a short beep and the call will be disconnected. Your voicemail has now been restored.

We also have a tool available 24/7 to help guide you through this deactivation process and ensure the service is fully deactivated from your phone, at:

What if I need additional help?

Please make sure you attempt to resolve your issue using the information above. At this time, support is limited for No More Voicemail. If you email [email protected] we will reply to you if possible.